Dock Construction

Some of the newest docks you see on the Mississippi River today were built by our team of dock construction experts. Our custom dock construction projects can range in scope from smaller month-long projects to large-scale, year-long ship dock projects. We can provide custom solutions to create your new modern-age dock.


Our equipment was built specifically for the purpose of constructing new docks on the Mississippi River. 

  • Ringer crane barges with up to 600 tons of lifting capacity.  
  • Shallow draft ringer barges for maneuverability in shallow waters.
  • Deep draft ringer barges with jib barge charts to access hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fleet of OSHA certified crawler cranes and cherry pickers to supplement ringer barges.
  • Pile driving equipment for any pile–no matter the size.

Contact us today about your dock construction project.