Heavy Lift Capabilities

With a custom-built crane barge fleet, we stand alone as your best 360-degree answer to any heavy lift on the water. From flood gates to jacketed structures to 200' pre-fabricated conveyor systems, we are your heavy lift source over water.T

The Manitowoc 4100 Series 3 is the newest addition to our marine fleet. Our “SC 720” Manitowoc 4100 series 3 ringer crane barge which was completed in 2019.  The assembly of this crane barge took years of engineering, planning and construction.  The barge and crane were both separately purchased and then completely remanufactured to modern day standards.  Both the barge and the ringer crane were custom built for lower Mississippi River construction and were finished off with a 3-coat marine paint system.  The “SC 720” barge is 72’x250’x16’ and includes (4) – 42” x 80’ long spuds.  The barge is also outfitted with (2) – Manitowoc 390 waterfall deck winches, a 320 square foot climate-controlled office area and break room, a 160 square foot indoor rigging room and an additional 160 square foot indoor tool room.  These indoor areas are covered with a 2000 square foot raised steel deck mezzanine which houses all of the required peripheral marine equipment and tools needed for any scope of work on the lower Mississippi River.

The Manitowoc 4100 Series 3 is our second heavy-lift ringer crane. This 300 ton machine is mounted on a 74' x 260' x 12.5' spud barge which is fully founded for all heavy lift, pile driving, and framing work. This barge was custom built for the largest structures and pilings being designed and installed on the lower Mississippi River. This crane barge has increased stability and lifting capacity from other ringer cranes in its class.   

The Manitowoc 4100 Series 3 is our third heavy-lift ringer crane. This 300 ton machine is mounted on a 70' x 195' x 10.5' spud barge which is fully founded for all heavy lift, pile driving, and framing work. The barge was custom built with the idea of lifting heavy loads in shallow waters. Most heavy lift machines are on deep draft barges that cannot get behind certain docks or in tight spots to make critical lifts. Our "SC700" is a shallow draft vessel and allows us to get a 300-ton capacity rig into shallow waters. After Hurricane Katrina, we installed a pair of massive flood protection gates working in only 5' of water.

The Manitowoc 4000W is our fourth heavy lift ringer crane. This is also a 300-ton machine that enables us to supplement our other machines and access hard-to-reach job sites. This crane does not have a tall mast, which enables us to get under overhead obstructions that other ringer cranes cannot.

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