About Us

Three Waterside Facilities

Our three safe mooring facilities are located in the protected waters of the Harvey Canal. Our waterside facilities provide all the space and infrastructure needed to feed our marine construction needs.

All operators and equipment at our facilities are certified.  Our yards provide direct access to the Mississippi River through two sets of locks–the Harvey locks at river mile 98 and the Algiers locks at river mile 88.  Both locks are ideal locations for accessing project sites along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast.  When mooring at our facilities, you will find 30" diameter steel pipe piles, which we installed to provide safe mooring–even during hurricanes.  Our facilities are located in a unique stretch of the Harvey Canal where companies are allowed to keep all barges onsite during tropical weather conditions. Therefore, if we have your dock barge at our facility for work, we can ensure safe mooring even during the worst weather. We provide a space for you to store vital equipment such as loading arms, dock cranes, walkways, dock houses, sump systems, intake systems, pumps, and overhead cranes.

Stewart_home_office.jpgOffice Location & Main Yard
1040 Peters Road
Harvey, LA 70058

This was our original fabrication yard and houses a steel pipe rack for pipe fabrication and several indoor fabrication shops. This yard is used for additional fabrication space on a lot with over 440' of water frontage. We have forklifts, crawler cranes, and cherry pickers dedicated to this facility. 


Heavy Indoor & Outdoor Fabrication & Painting Facility
1725 Destrehan Avenue
Harvey, LA 70058

This facility has over 1300 linear feet of water frontage and has 12 buildings onsite to help support our fabrication needs.  Many of our buildings have OSHA-certified overhead cranes with up to 25 tons of lifting capacity.  We have electric welding machines capable of stick and flux core welding and gouging. Our main fabrication shop is equipped with piped-in compressed air, oxygen, propylene gas, mixed gas for flux core welding, iron work machinery, shape cutting tables, turn rolls, and automatic welding capabilities. There is no structure or pile that is too large for this facility. Once fabricated, we have a team of experienced painters who blast and apply any coating system engineered. Our indoor painting facility helps ensure 100% quality assurance and control. Once fabricated items are assembled, painted and tested, we have all the lifting equipment needed to load your items to the barge and secure for transportation to the jobsite. Working daily in this yard are 230-ton crawler cranes, 60-ton marine travel lifts, 12-ton extended reach forklifts, and additional civil and support equipment. 


North Yard: Barge Build & Waterside Large Assembly Yard
824 Peters Road
Harvey, LA 70058

This facility was once a limestone yard and as a result, has a beautifully compacted limestone cover that is perfect for crawler cranes and heavy structures. With this facility we acquired over 300 feet of water frontage and the ability to dedicate a yard to your project.  Many times we have been awarded projects to take possession of a customer’s dock barge for outfitting or retrofitting, which we do at this location. Like our other yards, this yard is fenced and secured by 24-hour security, which allows us to provide the safest location for your barge or waterside project.