We have been providing concrete and civil work to Louisiana projects since 1983.  We have the key personnel, experience, and know-how to get your job done safely and under budget.


Concrete over the Mississippi River is a specialty of ours and requires a completely different approach than many of our other construction services. We use our engineered marine scaffolding program in both our marine and heavy civil departments when accessing structures over the water.


Our concrete crews are continually called upon to pump, place, and finish concrete structures all along the Mississippi River. Some of the concrete jobs we can handle include:

  • Concrete bridges utilizing Waskey pre-cast bridge panels or our own pre-cast panels that we produce out of our Harvey yards.
  • Dock structures with concrete decks.
  • Concrete tank foundations.  

Most of the concrete jobs must be installed in the field at the job site. Our team has designed pumping systems stretching hundreds of yards to get concrete to a job site. This requires a multitude of coordination and skill—qualities that our team exemplifies throughout every project.

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