When it comes to complicated pile driving, we know how to build the custom solution needed for your pile installation project. Our proven track record is based on our experience pile driving in the toughest spots along the Mississippi River. We have built our fleet to include all of the best equipment necessary for pile driving on the Mississippi River. 

DSC02061.JPGOur pile driving capabilities include:

  • Wooden, concrete, H-Beams, and steel pipe piles of all sizes
  • Compound batter driven piles 
  • Deep water anchor piles 
  • Large ship mono piles
  • Steel sheet piles

Our company-owned fleet includes:

  • Custom-built shallow and deep draft ringer cranes 
  • Offshore pile driving equipment capable of driving up to 98” OD steel pipe piles
  • Marine rigs with up to 600 tons of lifting capacity
  • Diesel, air, hydraulic, and vibratory pile driving hammers
  • A large D-100 diesel hammer capable of 250K ft-lbs. 

Contact us today about your pile driving project.