About Us

Safety & Quality

Because we work in an industry that is often dangerous and difficult, safety is always our top priority. Each job on the river is unique and requires a thorough plan and flawless execution, which is why our experienced and knowledgeable staff takes time to fully understand our customers’ needs with every project. This allows our team to work safely and efficiently, delivering quality work on time. Our customers appreciate our ability to respond quickly to emergencies with expert advice, skilled personnel, and advanced equipment. 

Here are some of the ways we at Stewart Construction continue to advance the health and safety culture in our company:

  1. Employ a full-time Safety and Compliance Director (COSS, CSST) to ensure we maintain up to date safety programs and remain compliant with employee training initiatives and OSHA guidelines. 
  2. Employ only crane operators who have been certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).
  3. Employ a full-time crane inspector certified by the Crane Institute of America.
  4. Employ a full-time Manitowoc Crane authorized technician. 
  5. Installed LSI load indicating systems into all crawler and ringer cranes.
  6. Established a marine scaffolding system which was engineered by a third-party which is applicable to all marine structures that we work on or around.

Safety and quality go hand in hand for us at Stewart Constrcution. We strive to maintain a safe and productive work environment for all of our employees. Through on-going training with both site and job specific safety initiatives we've made safety an integral part of our culture.