About Us

Unparalleled Equipment

Our equipment fleet consists of 20 ton cherry pickers on 30' x 120' deck barges to 230 ton crawler cranes on 54' x 180' spud barges but we are headed up by our ringer cranes which were custom built and designed for marine construction on the lower Mississippi River. With every dock being unique and soil conditions changing from one bend in the river to the next, our ringer barges were developed for any marine project. 

  • The Manitowoc 4600 Series 3 is our flagship ringer crane–a nominal 600 ton machine with an unparalleled 360-degree load chart. This machine is currently being configured with 220' of main boom plus an additional 10' upper boom point extension. This boom length can be adjusted to fit your specific project needs.  This ringer crane also has an optional 130' fixed jib that can be installed giving us an unmatched 350' of boom over the water if needed.
  • The Manitowoc 4100 series 3 is our second heavy-lift ringer crane.  This 300 ton crane barge has lifting capacities beyond other ringer crane barges in it's class.  She currently has 220' of boom and can lift 325,000 pounds on a 360 degree barge list chart. 
  • The Manitowoc 4100 Series 3 is our third heavy-lift ringer crane. This 300 ton machine is capable of lifting heavy loads in shallow waters. Our SC700 barge drafts only 5' and allows us to get a 300-ton capacity rig into shallow waters. 
  • The Manitowoc 4000W is our fourth heavy lift ringer crane. This is also a 300-ton machine that enables us to supplement our other machines and access hard-to-reach job sites. This crane does not have a tall mast, which enables us to get under overhead obstructions that other ringer cranes cannot.